Alkena bourette silk wrap body

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This wrap body by Alkena is made from a fine bourette silk. The body has long sleeves and buttons all along the front.

This wrap body is made from bourette silk. Bourette silk is a soft silk that is made of the short fibers that are left over after combing and carding fine silk. By spinning these short fibers together, a delicate, airy fabric comes to life. Bourette silk feels similar to a fine cotton, but is much softer and lighter. This material makes the wrap body perfect for sensitive children, sensitive skin and children with eczema or allergies.

The body is easy to use because its buttons run all the way along the front. You don't have to pull the body over baby's head. In stead you open the buttons, place the body open on the changing table and lay your baby on top of the wrap body. If you forget to lay down the body before changing baby, gently roll baby onto one side, put on one sleeve, roll baby on the other side, put on the other sleeve and close the body. This way baby's body stays in contact with the changing table.