Amber bracelet lemon agate rose quartz

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This lemon agate rose quartz amber bracelet has polished amber beads, stabilising agate and loving rose quartz. The bracelet is available in a range of sizes. Size 18 centimeters is made with elastic rather than string.

Amber is a fossilized tree resin from pine trees that is found in the Baltic states. People say amber has healing powers. The resin is said to have a positive influence on self-confidence and help with pain and inflammation. This is why amber jewellery is often used for teething children. Even though the healing powers of amber haven’t been scientifically proven, many people of all ages indicate they benefit from wearing amber.

Gemstones are pretty, often very colourful minerals that appear in a wonderful way: under the influence of time, temperature and high pressure, hundreds of different beautiful gemstones appear. In addition to their beautiful appearance, some gemstones are said to have healing powers, although this has not been proven scientifically. Agate, for instance, is said to be a stabilising, protecting stone that supports inner peace. White agate, specifically, is often recommended for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Rosequartz is said to provide endless love and open the heart. Whether you believe in the effect or not, a gem is always a nice and beautiful trinket. Nice to wear, nice for the nursery or as a symbolic gift that offers joy, comforting or support.

To figure out the right size for your necklace, bracelet or anklet, measure where the amber will be worn (neck, arm, ankle) and choose a size accordingly. Generally speaking, 12 centimeters will fit up to around 12 months, 14 centimeters will fit up to around the age of 11 years and 16 centimeters from around the age of 11 years. For adults, we would recommend 16 centimeters for smaller wrists en 18 centimeters for average and larger wrists. There is no need to size up when picking a size: while wearing the bracelet, the knots on the string will tighten, which makes the amber bracelet a bit longer as you wear it. Because all of our amber jewellery is handmade, any item can be a tiny bit longer or shorter than the indicated size.

Our amber jewellery is strung on a strong string. In between every bead, a knot is made to secure the bead in place. Should the string break, only one of the beads will come loose. All bracelets have a twist lock, unless mentioned otherwise. Most designs that measure 18 centimeters are strung on a strong elastic and have no lock, you simply slip them onto your wrist. The bracelets are not for chewing. Amber is a fragile material, the beads can break if put under too much pressure. Never leave children alone with amber jewellery. The use of any jewellery is not recommended under the age of 3.