Atelier Pippilotta apple gnome

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The apple gnome by Atelier Pippilotta is a DIY kit for making a cute little gnome that holds a basket of apples. The included pattern is in Dutch.

The apple gnome proudly shows their freshly picked apples. Included in the kit is a small reed basket. If you master the technique of making a doll's head, the kit is easy to make. The apple gnome looks great on every fall table and every harvest fest.

The DIY felt kits by Atelier Pippilotta are designed by Suzan. When an idea comes to mind, she starts gathering the materials and sows the figure together. When she finishes the figure, she writes the pattern and creates the kit. In the DIY kits by Atelier Pippilotta, you will find a pattern in Dutch and all the materials you need to make the figure, excluding needle and thread (and some cardboard, if needed).