Atelier Pippilotta gnome party extras

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Gnome party extras by Atelier Pippilotta is a DIY kit for making a table, two chairs, two toad'stools' and a tea set that suit the Gnome party kit.

A lovely celebration, the gnome party. If only the partying gnomes had something to sit on. This sweet leaf table, two leaf chais, three toad'stools' and a tea set are the perfect addition to the gnome party. For filling the chairs some rice or little stones are needed. The chairs are around 7 centimeters tall. 

The DIY felt kits by Atelier Pippilotta are designed by Suzan. When an idea comes to mind, she starts gathering the materials and sows the figure together. When she finishes the figure, she writes the pattern and creates the kit. In the DIY kits by Atelier Pippilotta, you will find a pattern in Dutch and all the materials you need to make the figure, excluding needle and thread (and some cardboard, if needed).