Tula was created by Polish Ula and her Vietnamese husband Mike. They met in the USA, fell in love and started a family. When their daughter was born, they carried her in a wrap. They were so impressed with the ease and comfort of babywearing! When their son was born, they wanted to carry him with an ergonomic carrier. They tried on a couple, but didn't find the right one. So Mike's 'Ba Noi' (grandma in Vietnam) made them one. That's how the perfect carrier came to life. From that moment friends, family and more and more strangers asked them about their carrier. So Ula found her passion: creating the perfect carrier for everyone. That's how Tula was born! With their big variety of designs, styles and their easy click-click-carry system, Tula is now one of the largest brands in the babywearing community - and rightly so.