De Houten Veer card holder decorative figure

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Handmade wooden card holder by De Houten Veer for showing a card or picture with space for a decorative figure. Card and decorative figure not included.

In this handmade wooden card holder you can show all your beautiful cards and pictures. The holder has space for a decorative figure by Grimm's, Ahrens or Glückskäfer. Because this is a handmade product, all the items are unique in shape and colour. Card and decorative figure not included.

De Houten Veer

De Houten Veer makes toys and home decoration from natural, ethically sourced materials like wood, leather and rope. By using a transparant oil as the finishing touch, the warmth, strength and natural appearance of the materials are preserved. Arne, De Houten Veer's designer, makes every item himself, by hand. In his hands, every product consciously comes to life with the warmth and attention it deserves. De Houten Veer's products are a beautiful addition to every home.