Disana nursing pads wool silk

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The nursing pads by Disana are made from soft tumbled wool and have an outside made from pure silk. Available with a diameter of 11 or 14 centimeters.

These nursing pads are made from soft wool and pure silk. The outside of the pad is made of soft bourette silk, a fabric that protects and soothes the nipples. The inside is made of wool, an ideal addition to silk. The wool stores liquid and keeps the nipples dry. Wool and silk are breathable and very skin friendly. These nursing pads are very suitable for sore nipples. Hand wash the nursing pads with a detergent suitable for wool and silk. 


German company Disana finds their home in their factory in Lichtenstein, where they try to bridge the gap between age old crafts and modern machinery. For over 30 years they have combined knowledge, skill and craftsmanship to create the most beautiful product. During that time they have grown from a small, family owned business with reusable nappies and wool overpants for babies, to a company with a high quality collection of beautiful wool and cotton items for parents and children. Pretty, soft, high quality products that you and your babies can enjoy.