Ecozone soap nuts

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The soap nuts by Ecozone are a natural source of soap. Soft and economical, suitable for washing delicate fabrics like wool and silk. Bag of 300 grams or 1 kilo.

These soap nuts make a soft foam that cleans clothes and is suitable for delicate fabrics like wool and silk. The soap nuts are free from chemical additives and very soft to the skin, which makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin, like babies and kids. The soap nuts are biologically degradable. After using them up, you can throw them with your compost. One kilo of soap nuts can last you around 300 washes, that's almost one cycle a day for a whole year! This makes the soap nuts economical in use. 

Use: place the needed amount of soap nuts in a (cotton) bag and close the bag. For lightly stained laundry, use 3 to 5 nuts. For dirty laundry, 4 to 6 nuts and for using with hard water, use 7 nuts. Place your laundry with the bag of soap nuts in the machine and run a suitable cycle. After the cycle, take out the bag and the nuts to dry. You can use the soap nuts up to three times!