Engel Natur bonnet wool silk orchid grey

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This bonnet by Engel Natur is made of the softest wool and silk, which help regulate temperature.

This orchid grey bonnet by Engel is made of the softest wool and silk. The bonnet's shape covers the head of the baby, but leaves the forehead free from fabric, which helps regulate body temperature. With the ribbon, that is tied around baby's chest, the bonnet stays in place. 

Engel Natur

German company Engel Natur has a rich history. They have been designing and producing sustainable, high quality items since 1960. Their collection has since then grown from reusable nappies to a large collection of beautiful items made from natural yarns. Underwear, pyjamas, outerwear, all items are pretty, soft and warm. That makes Engel Natur a great addition to our store.