Esmée September little light Two children

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Place the little light Two children by Esmée September over a tealight to brighten the cute illustration of a two sweet little kids in their raincoats. Around 10 centimeters tall.

The little light Two children by Esmée September has the illustration of two children in the dark, wearing their raincoats. The left child has long brown hair and a red raincoat. The right child has blond hair and a yellow raincoat. They both have pixie hoods on their coats. In between them, a red heart floats up. The illustrations on the little lights are made from semi transparant paper and come to life when you place them over a tealight. The candle holders are shipped flat, but are easily assembled with the included adhesive strip. Once assembled, the light measures around 10 centimeters tall and 6,5 centimeters wide. Because the candle holder is made from paper, we recommend to handle it with caution and to not leave the light burning while you are not in the same room. 

Esmée September

The lovely Esmée September makes adorable illustrations that show seasonal scenes like apple picking in the autumn sun or a lovely cottage between the fir trees. She draws and paints what's in her head and then makes it into things that we can send to others (or ourselves!) A lovely postcard, for instance, or a little light. Esmée finds inspiration in nature, the seasons and our daily life.