Het Wol Feetje minicards set Months

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Set with twelve mini cards with numbers by Het Wol Feetje, one card for every month of the year, great for the seasonal table, birthdays and for counting down to special occasions.

Set of ten mini cards by Het Wol Feetje showing numbers 1 through 12. Number 1 is light blue on a blue background with a blonde child in a yellow dress leaning against it. The 2 is white on a dark blue background with a couple of snowdrops next to it. The 3 is red on a green background, a child in a blue shirt holds a red rose while leaning against the number. The 4 is grey on a green blue background, a rainbow shines on one of the number's arms. The 5 is grey on a pink background with a mouse and caterpillar crawling next to it. The 6 is turquoise on a lilac background with a white brown haired child in a bright pink dress next to it. The 7 is purple on a yellow background, a white dark blonde child in a pink dress picks up a ladybug from the number. The 8 is light blue on an orange background and stands next to a sunflower. Number 9 is yellow on a red background, a white blond child in a green shirt holds the number up. The 10 is yellow on a brown back ground, a mushroom child is playing with the 0. The 11 is light blue on a grey purple background, a red kite with colourful bows is flying next to it. The 12 is lilac on a turquoise background with a polar bear next to it. The cards are A7 sized and great for the seasonal table, birthdays and counting down to special occasions. 

Het Wol Feetje

Het Wol Feetje, translated as ‘The Wool Fairy’ makes beautiful paintings with soft wool. Annefleur, the fairy, says she loves giving shape to her feelings as she creates her wool paintings. She finds comfort and warmth in the wool. From birth, through all the seasons, past birthdays, parties and other important happenings all the way through comfort and grief, Het Wol Feetje has an image to suit the mood. We are very proud to carry her fairy-tale like products in our store. Our favourite item is the magic lamp, a lamp with interchangeable plates. In the lamp the images really seem to come to life!