Popolini Iobio iris root

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The iris root by Popolini Iobio is a natural remedy that has been used for century to soothe teething babies.

Iris root, or teething root, is known for its pain relieving abilities and has been used as a natural remedy to soothe teething babies for ages. The organically grown root is carved by hand to create a smooth surface that feels nice against babies gums. The saliva makes the root softer and nice to chew on. Every iris root is strung on an organic cotton string and is unique in shape, size and color.

Use: boil the iris root before the first use. Hang the lace around a pacifier chain or around baby's wrist (do not tighten) and let the baby chew on the root. We advise to use the iris root a maximum of 10 minutes per day. Keep dry and cool and let the iris root dry thoroughly before putting it away. 

Iris root is not a toy, don't leave young children alone with it. Be careful with using the iris root once the child has teeth or of the root feels dry and brittle, small bits can come off while chewing. We advise to replace the root every eight weeks and/or if it's cracked or damaged.