Popolini Iobio raw wool

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The raw wool by Popolini Iobio is covered in lanolin and protects and soothes skin that needs healing. Bag of 20 grams.

This raw wool takes care of irritated skin. Lanolin (wool fat) that naturally enriches the wool soothes and protects sensitive skin. Use the raw wool for instance on a diaper rash by placing a bit of raw wool in the diaper. Painful nipples while breastfeeding, chafing and chapped skin, small wounds and stitches on the vulva or vagina after birth or a newborn's belly button can be soothed by placing a small amount of raw wool on them. 

Use: pull a bit of raw wool from the bag and place on the skin. Leave for one day (max.) You can dry and reuse the raw wool once after using it. Don't wash the wool. Don't use on open wounds. Be careful with eczema or allergies, always try a small amount of wool on a less sensitive spot of skin.