Popolini Iobio wrap body wool silk

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This wrap body by Popolini Iobio is made from soft wool and fine silk. The body has long sleeves and buttons all along the front.

This wrap body is made from 70% wool and 30% silk. The scratching mittens on the end of each sleeve protect babies skin from scratching. Because of the double buttons in the crotch the body grows with your baby and can be used for a long time, even when using bulky reusable nappies. The temperature regulating properties of wool together with the protective softness of silk are the perfect match for your little ones. Wash the body at maximum 30 degrees on a fine wash cycle with a detergent suitable for wool and silk. 

The body is easy to use because its buttons run all the way along the front. You don't have to pull the body over baby's head. In stead you open the buttons, place the body open on the changing table and lay your baby on top of the wrap body. If you forget to lay down the body before changing baby, gently roll baby onto one side, put on one sleeve, roll baby on the other side, put on the other sleeve and close the body. This way baby's body stays in contact with the changing table.