Popolini Iobio wrap sweater cotton velours latte

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Soft wrap sweater by Popolini Iobio made from organic cotton velours in a latte colour. The sweater is reversible.

This wrap sweater is made from ultrasoft organic cotton velours, with snaps along the front. The velours is soft and elastic, comfortable from birth. The wrap sweater is easy to use, because its buttons run all the way along the front. You don't have to pull the sweater over baby's head. In stead you open the buttons, place the wrap sweater open on the changing table and lay your baby on top of it. Simply put on the sleeves and button op the sweater. If you forget to lay down the sweater before changing baby, gently roll baby onto one side, put on one sleeve, roll baby on the other side, put on the other sleeve and close the buttons. This way baby's body stays in contact with the changing table. Wash on a regular cycle at maximum 40 degrees.