Punkin Butt soothing oil

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The soothing oil by Punkin Butt supports relaxation, sleep and helps to soothe discomfort. The roller bottle makes it easy to apply the oil.

This soothing oil is easy to use and brings everyone a little peace. The mixture is made of soft carrier oils like sunflower oil with chamomile and jojoba oil. Added to the carrier oils is an essential oil of tangerine or lavender. Tangerine helps to relax and cheer up. The sunny, warm scent brings a happy feeling and is especially suitable for children and expecting parents. Lavender oil helps to relax and encourages sleep. This flowery scent brings balance and is perfect for anyone, young or old. Lavender can also help keep insects away. The oil is diluted and safe to use on the skin.

Use: roll along the jawline, behind the ears, across the forehead, on the temples or under the feet. Please beware this is a topical oil, do not ingest.Natural, simple ingredients: Organic sunflower oil infused with organic chamomile flowers, organic jojoba oil, organic mandarin essential oil.