Contact & FAQ
1 Contact
1.1 What are your company details?

Mama Nova
Laan van Ouderzorg 185
2352 HN Leiderdorp
[email protected]

KVK 73582212
BTW NL859588634B01

1.2 How can I reach you?

You can reach us in a variety of ways. With the contact form on this page you can send us a message. If you have an account on our website, you can make a support ticket for us under My Tickets in your account dashboard. When we answer your ticket, you will get a notification by e-mail. Of course you can also send us an e-mail yourself. Our emailaddress is [email protected]

1.3 How long before I get an answer?

Most digital messages, so emails, contact forms and support ticket are answered thursdays and fridays. 

2 Orders
2.1 How can I place an order?

To place an order, simply add the products you would like to purchase to your cart. You can add products to your cart by clicking directly on the product. Pick the desired size or colour and click Add to cart. You can find your cart and your chosen products on the top right side of the page. The cart-icon has the shape of a shopping bag with the number of added products listed next to it. Click this icon to open your cart and see an overview of the added products. You can choose to continue shopping, or click Proceed to checkout to finish your order.

In the shopping cart screen you will find every option to finish your order. You'll see an overview of the products you've added to your cart, their price, taxes and your total amount. You can still modify your order by adding or removing products. On this page, you can choose the desired shipping method and calculate shipping. You can also enter a discount code. Once you've finished checking your order, click Proceed to checkout to go to the next step.

You will now enter the window to finish your order. Enter your name and address here, so we can process your order and ship it to you. You will also be able to register with us here, if you haven't done so already. Make sure to enter your details carefully! You can choose to add a different shipping address by clicking Ship to different address. In this window, you can also pick your preferred shipping method as well as your preferred payment method, for instance by creditcard. 

In the final step you will be asked to give your order a final check. You also get the opportunity to enter a discount code, if you didn't do so in the last step. This is also where you can add a comment to your order, for instance the request to write a message on a card or to send us a sweet message :-) Confirm your order by clicking Buy. You will then be forwarded to your preferred payment method to finish your order. After you pay and finish your order, you will receive a confirmation through e-mail. You will receive another e-mail after we ship your order. 

Are you having problems with your order or do you have questions about the order process? Please contact us using the form on this page, via [email protected] or on telephone number +31 (0) 71 362 6744 (available during opening hours).

2.2 Can you gift wrap my order?

Sure! Simply add gift wrapping to your order during the order process. We will wrap the products in your order in our lovely wrapping paper. Of course our gift wrapping service is free. To ship your order to a different address, pick Ship to different address when checking out your order and enter the recipients address. 

2.3 Can you add a handwritten card to my order?

Of course we can! Simply add your preferred card to your shopping cart. While checking out, write us a Comment saying that you would like us to write a message on the card and the message you would like us to write. When packing your parcel, we will handwrite your cart and ship it along with your order. 

2.4 Do you add an invoice or delivery note to your parcels?

We don't add an invoice or delivery note to your parcel. To print as little as possible, we pack our parcels from the information on our screen. You will receive your invoice digitally through e-mail, after finishing your order. We will add a business card and a small thank you to your order. Do you prefer not to receive these items? Just let us know as a Comment while finishing your order and we'll leave them out.

2.5 How can I pay for my order?

In our webshop, you can pay with iDeal, Creditcard, Paypal, Bancontact, VVV Cadeaukaart and bank transfer. 

2.6 How can I add a discount code?

You can add your discount code on the shopping cart page or in the final step of the ordering process. 

2.7 How can I use a gift card?

You can use a gift card by entering your gift card code at checkout.

2.8 I didn't receive an order confirmation, what should I do?

When you place an order with us we send you an order confirmation through e-mail. If you haven't received the confirmation, a couple of things could have happened. Maybe there was a mistake while writing your e-mailaddress, so our e-mail can't reach you. Or maybe our e-mail was delivered to your spambox rather than your inbox. Have a look in your spambox to see if you can find our confirmation there. Don't see it? You can log into your account on our website and check your orders there. Still no order, but the amount has been paid? Please contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected], so we can check if we have received your order. 

2.9 I made a mistake, can I still change my order?

Mistakes can happen! A lot of times we are still able to adjust your order. Please contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected] Unfortunately we can't make anymore changes when your order is packed and shipped. 

2.10 I want more information about (one of) your products, can you help me?

Of course, we would love to help you! Wether you need help with colours, sizes, materials, gifts or other things, we are here for you. Please contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected]

2.11 Do you have a size guide?

Because age indications on baby and children's clothing are based on averages and because the same sizes are different with each brand, we have chosen not to include a size guide on our website. Please contact us for personal size advice, we are happy to help you. 

2.12 The product I want is out of stock, what now?

Sometimes an article is out of stock. Because we continuously receive order from our suppliers and add items to our store, the product you are looking for will probably be back with us soon. For more information about delivery times, you can always contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected] Sometimes we find out an article is out of stock after you've placed your order. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the options and resolve the issue. 

2.13 The product I want is not in your shop, what now?

If you are looking for a specific article from one of the brands we have in our (web)shop, we can often order it for you from our supplier. A catalog for each brand can be found online. If not, we can send it to you. Because we always look at the catalogues from front to back, we can also help you when you only have a vague description of the article you are looking for. So if you need 'coloured wooden disks with a piece of string' or 'a sweater that is soft but not too soft and cool but not too cool and colourful but preferably not yellow, green, red, blue or black' we are pretty sure we can help you! Please contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected] and we will help you look for your product. Do you have a suggestion for a new brand or product? Cool! Feel free to contact us anytime. 

3 Webshop
3.1 Can I create an account?

Yes you can! Click Login / Register in the top right of our web page. A window will pop up in which you can choose to login or register. Pick login if you have created an account with us before, or register if you want to register for an account. After entering your name and address details, you can login on our website. After logging in you will see the account name in the top right corner of our website. Click on it to visit your account dashboard. On the dashboard, you can easily customise your details, see an overview of your orders and see the loyalty program. 

3.2 Why would I want to use an account?

By using an account, you can always see an easy overview of your orders. You can also make a wish list, as well as enter our loyalty programme. 

3.3 I need an invoice from the old webshop, how can I get it?

Please contact us and we will help you find the right documents. 

3.4 Why haven't you answered my e-mail?

Thank you so much for your patience. We answer most of our e-mails on thursdays and fridays. It could take a couple of days before you receive an answer. If it's past friday and you haven't received a reply, check your spambox, maybe our e-mail was moved there. No e-mail? Please feel free to send us a reminder. 

4 Shipping
4.1 What are your shipping costs?

Shipping in the Netherlands is €5,99. Shipping for parcels over 23 kilos is €9,99. The tariffs for worldwide shipping can be found a little further down in this FAQ. Of course, picking up your parcel in the store is free!

4.2 How will my order be shipped?

Your order is wrapped in a bubble envelope or a cardboard box and, if needed, shipping material. We reuse as much shipping material from our suppliers as we can and encourage you to do the same. After packing your parcel, we will enter your shipment into MyParcel, add a label to your parcel and bring it to the postal service. 

4.3 Why is my order wrapped in plastic?

Fair question! We wrap as much as our products in paper, but sometimes, we use plastic to wrap your order. Plastic is not environmentally friendly, but we sometimes need it to prevent damage and leakage during shipping. The plastic we use to wrap your order is reused plastic from orders we have received. We encourage you to reuse our wrapping material as much as possible. 

4.4 How long will it take before you ship my order?

Your order is shipped as soon as possible, but within three working days. We make a trip to the postal service every day the shop is open. Sometimes shipping your order might take a little bit longer, for instance when we have a question about your order for which we need to contact you. Do you need a rushed order? Please contact us! You will receive an order confirmation as soon as we ship your order. Have you ordered something with a longer delivery time together with something with a short delivery time, we will ship your order when the final product can be added to your parcel. Would you like us to ship the other products sooner? Please contact us through the form on this page or via [email protected]

4.5 I haven't received my parcel, what should I do?

Oh no! We can imagine that you are eagerly waiting for your order. As soon as we ship your order, you will receive a Track and Trace code to follow the order. On the Track and Trace page, you can often see where your parcel is. Our experience with non-delivered parcels is that the issue resolves itself within a couple of days. Before you contact us, we would like to ask you for a little more patience. Especially during busy times, like the holidays, shipping can take a little longer than usual for your parcel to be delivered. If your parcel hasn't arrived after a week (in the Netherlands) or after the estimated delivery time plus five days, please contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected] We will then contact our shipment provider to see where your parcel is. 

4.6 No one is home on the planned delivery date, what should I do?

As soon as we ship your order, you will receive a Track and Trace code to follow the order. On the Track and Trace page, you can often see when your parcel will be delivered. If you are not home on the planned delivery moment, your parcel will be sent to a pick up point near you (within the Netherlands). Delivery abroad differs per country. Please contact your shipping provider for information. You don't have to stay home for parcels that fit through your mailbox, as they can always be delivered. 

4.7 I want to pick up my order in your store, is this possible?

Unfortunately there is no pick up location available at the moment.

4.8 Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do! To view the shipping costs for your country, simply add the products you want to your cart and pick your preferred shipping method. Any extra shipping costs for a shipment above that weight will be calculated and invoiced after packing your parcel. Please be aware of any rules considering taxes and customs charges in the recipient country before you place your order. Mama Nova is not responsible for any additional costs (eg. taxes or customs charges). If parcels are returned to us by customs, any additional costs will be charged to you. If the desired country is not in the dropdown menu, please send us a message.

Some of the items we have in store have country specific restrictions and are excluded from worldwide shipping. Due to distribution restrictions we cannot send Grimm's items to addresses outside of the Netherlands, for instance. In case you order any of these items, we will contact you to refund (a part of) your order. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

5 Returns
5.1 I want to return (part of) my order, is this possible?

Of course! Returning items it possible within fourteen days after receiving your order. Please announce the return through your account or send us a message through our contact form or through e-mail. Then carefully pack the items you want to return, add a note with your name and order number and ship to

Mama Nova - returns
Vlaardingweg 62
3044 CK Rotterdam
The Netherlands

As soon as we receive your parcel, we will further handle your return. 

5.2 I want to make an exchange, is this possible?

It is! If you want to make an exchange in our webshop, simply order the article you would like. Then return the item you want to exchange. 

5.3 I received a wrong / damaged item, what should I do?

Oh no! We are sorry. Please contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected] If possible, send us a clear description as well as photo's of the item. We will contact you soon to resolve the issue. 

5.4 I have a complaint, what should I do?

Sometimes things don't go as expected. Are you unsatisfied with a product, message or anything else? Please contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected] If possible, send us a clear description as well as photo's of the item. We will contact you soon to resolve the issue.

6 Store
6.1 Where is your shop located?

We are currently looking for a location to open a shop, but at this moment we only have a webshop.

6.2 What are your opening hours?

As soon as we find a suitable location for our shop, we will let you know our opening hours.

7 Other
7.1 I received a maternity checklist, can you help me?

We certainly can! A lot of the products on your maternity checklist can be purchased with us. From cotton nappies to babies first outfit, we love to help you gather the finest items. Please contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected]

7.2 I'm looking for a gift, can you help me?

Of course! From small gifts to large gift baskets filled to the brim, we have picked and wrapped them all. We love to help you picking out the nicest gifts. Please contact us using the form on this page of via [email protected]

7.3 Help, how do I wash these delicate clothes?

Oftentimes a clear washing advice is given on the clothing's label. However, we can imagine that you are a little bit scared to wash these delicate items. There are so many different materials, stains and ways to clean them that we are happy to provide you with some personal washing advice. Feel free to contact us through the form on this page or via [email protected]

7.4 Who designed your logo?

Our lovely logo was created by Anja Mulder

7.5 Advice

As far as your questions go, no day is the same for us! We are asked for advice on sizing, or about a wool sweater that shrunk in the wash, or for advice on nipples that are too painful to nurse with, or to think about a philosophical environmental issue and then there was this time the dog ate some part of the Grimm's rainbow (true story!) We receive every question with open arms. In our (web)shop, we give advice based on our experiences as a person, as a parent and as a shop owner. Our advice comes from the heart, supported by reliable sources, official advice and experiences from ourselves and others. If necessary, we will get you in touch with someone else. Please do not hesitate to ask for our advice! Feel free to contact us using the form on this page or via [email protected]

7.6 Inclusive language