Sheepish Grins wool wash soap bar

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The wool was soap bar by Sheepish Grins takes care of your wool items as well as your skin. One bar will last you a long time!

The wool wash soap bar with lanolin provides care for all wollen items as well as your skin. The soap was made with organic, all natural ingredients and includes caring oils like jojoba oil and avocado oil. Each batch of wool wash soap bars is made by hand, so their high quality can be guaranteed. Each bar contains at least 40% of lanolin! Perfect for taking care of your wool. The wool wash soap bar is available in several lovely scents. If the scent states EO, the scent is an all natural essential oil scent without chemical fragrances. If it states FO, the scent is a fragrance oil, a chemically derived fragrance perfectly suited for those with sensitivities for essential oils.

To use: for a hand wash, you fill the bassin or a bucket with warm water. Dunk the bar under and lather in your hands until the water feels right, then wash your items. To use in the washing machine, dissolve a little soap in some hot water. Pour this mixture in the detergent tray of your washing machine and run the cycle. For treating stains, gently rub the bar of soap along the stains, rinse, then wash. Let the soap dry between uses.